Why Las Vegas is a bad suit

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Every few years I go to Las Vegas to speak in a panel. This week I returned for DMAI’s centennial conference, which I really enjoyed. Whenever I’ve gone to Vegas I’ve tried to enjoy myself. I once even made a video feebly trying to position “SIN City” as “ScIeNce City.” People love it. I simply don’t get it. It’s not the heat, the … Read on

Las Vegas Secret: Valley of Fire


“Hate” is too strong a word, so I’ll just say I’ll never invite Las Vegas to my pizza party. (Though I once tried to turn “Sin City” into ScIeNce City.”) That said, because the fact that such a booming bizarro of a city could exist in a Mars-like setting, I don’t mind going there. As long as I can leave. My favorite daytrip … Read on