Video: How to be a travel foodie

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I’ve kind of made fun of travel food for a while. Sure I like food. Food is often the best part of a trip, as I recently concurred. But the rising stream of food images — usually on plates of food — sort of wore me out over time. But maybe I was wrong. So recently I attended Feast Portland food festival. I … Read on

Is it rude to put food in people’s faces?


  –> Click HERE to visit the PLATE OF FOOD TRAVEL MUSEUM If I were smarter, I’d write a little list of key travel etiquette tips, and see what Google and social media would do to drive people here to read it. (Like this blog, this blog, this blog and this blog did.) Actually I did that once, while at Lonely Planet, with … Read on

How to make a travel video


Everyone wants online travel video, but few know how to make it. Those in the film/TV crowd frequently tout there’s only one way, which can seem like building up 60-second online piece with the same costly, back-scenes architecture of a Hollywood epic. But this is dated thinking. While the DIY video world can ruffle the feathers of industry TV/film types — much like … Read on