Top 10 Greatest Inspirational Travel Quotes by Dead Men with Beards

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Do you find inspiration from famous travel quotes from dead people from 2500 years ago? I don’t, not much. But I’m banking that you do by assembling, in 20 minutes or so, the Top 10 Greatest Inspirational Travel Quotes Made by Dead Men with Beards. It seems a popular practice for travel bloggers. And it’s really really easy to do.* (Watch the video … Read on

Top 17 Beach Boys songs since “Pet Sounds”

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Every now and then I tweet out a puzzle: who IS the greatest American rock’n’roll band ever? The English have their Stones, Zeppelin, Who, Clash, Beatles. Canada has Rush, Australia has AC/DC, Ireland has U2. And Switzerland has their Krokus. The best of American rock’n’roll tend to be people: Chuck Berry obviously, and also Bob Dylan. But a band? I go with the … Read on

Travel Jail


Travel’s great. But not everything that happens in travel is worth an “ooh-ahh” or a pat on the back. This space is for VIOLATORS in our collective progress in striving to enjoy the world. And so, here’s a… Meet-and-greet with the TRAVEL JAIL INMATES!* —————————————————————————————————- Fudge It’s time for us to get over this whole “tourist/traveler” debate. Instead let’s just draw a simple … Read on

11 Things to Do in Tulsa While You’re Alive

Us ’80s-Tulsans grew up with a huge, decade-long sigh of satisfaction. We didn’t have mountains, oceans or particularly good taffy, but we knew what we did have: a) We weren’t Oklahoma City. Meaning, we did have some hills, green grass, trees and (due to all the left-over oil money kicking around) art-house films. OKC may have the Flaming Lips, but we had the … Read on