Visitors to Hoi An have a few areas to consider:

  • IN TOWN, where hotels and guesthouses (of all budgets) rim the ‘ancient town’ area, as zoning restrictions keep new hotels from opening there
  • THE BEACH, ocean-front high-end resorts, including Vietnam’s most luxurious, the new Nam Hai
  • THE ROAD TO THE BEACH, with lots of traffic, but with many good mid-range options… not to mention tour buses

Best NAM HAI, private pool villas, but it’ll cost you (see The Beach)
Second-Best VICTORIA, beachfront and themed villas (see The Beach)
Best in Town LIFE WELLNESS RESORT, riverside spot with spa and pool (see In Town)
Best US$30 Hotel HA AN, lots of style and great café (see In Town)
Best US$15 Hotel THANH XUAN, even has a pool (see In Town)