HA TIEN - Restaurants

There’s no fancy eats in Ha Tien yet. Walk around the noodle-on-the-streets stalls by the market or along Lam Son street, a block north, and stop where the locals are.

Ha Tien restoXUAN THANH (20 Tran Hau; open 6am to 9pm daily), across from the market, has English-language menus and an appealing corner location to stare out at the Ha Tien action. Run by a Chinese family, typical Vietnamese and Chinese meals are about 25,000 to 40,000D, with eggs for breakfast.

A similar menu, and fewer diners, is at HAI VAN RESTAURANT (4 Tran Hau; near the pontoon bridge).

One local rice place, HUONG BIEN (974 To Chau), keeps busy on a side street; from the pontoon bridge, it’s a block to the right, then up on the left.

A nice place for good morning coffee is on the floating THUY TIEN CAFÉ (next to pontoon bridge), where you can sip on 6000D iced coffee as the café rocks with the water and listen to the pontoon-bridge traffic clank.