76-Second Travel Show: ‘Monopoly Travel to Atlantic City’

Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City Monopoly tour

Episode #043 F E A T U R I N G  *  1 8 2 *  B O N U S  *  S E C O N D S   Question: Can a Monopoly board be used as a guidebook? Why yes! In Atlantic City, it can. Parker Brothers first published Monopoly 75 years ago this year — it began in various forms … Read on

How do Civil War Re-enactors Pick Who Dies First?

WHAT TRAVEL TEACHES If you’re like me at all, you’ve spent countless nights burning trying to solve an immortal question: at Civil War and other battle re-enactments, who dies first? Are newbloods asked to shed theirs as the cannonballs begin to fly? Or do those tardy with dues drop early? Or is it just the unlucky, the worn out, or — after a … Read on