Full Mountie: My Days as a RCMP Cadet

A few months ago the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Depot Division (Regina, Saskatchewan) invited me to spend a couple nights and a (full) day training as a “mountie.” It’s a rare opportunity. Apparently only five civilians before me had had the chance — and I was apparently the only one to get a regulation moustache. This Lonely Planet video sums up the … Read on

Going to Canada

Tomorrow I head on a three-city visit to Canada: Toronto, Montreal and St John’s in Newfoundland. It’s part of a series of seven videos of seven Canadian cities and how one can ‘experience a place like a local.’ It’s far from my first time there (that would be age nine to Alberta; above). But to prep, I’ve been reading books like mad. Canadian … Read on

76-Second Travel Show: ‘Monopoly Travel to Atlantic City’

Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City Monopoly tour

Episode #043 F E A T U R I N G  *  1 8 2 *  B O N U S  *  S E C O N D S   Question: Can a Monopoly board be used as a guidebook? Why yes! In Atlantic City, it can. Parker Brothers first published Monopoly 75 years ago this year — it began in various forms … Read on

Vienna’s Top 1: Artful Pencil Displays

I’ve been calling the act of tying a sweater around one’s neck, or draping a coat over one’s shoulders as ‘Vienna style’ ever since I spent a few too many days there on a four-day visit 18 years ago. I had ended up Vienna on a Eurail-free trip across Eastern Europe 18 years ago. I had come in via Bratislava and expected to … Read on