Video: How to be a travel foodie

I’ve kind of made fun of travel food for a while. Sure I like food. Food is often the best part of a trip, as I recently concurred. But the rising stream of food images — usually on plates of food — sort of wore me out over time.

But maybe I was wrong.

So recently I attended Feast Portland food festival. I watched. I ate. I drank. I went to food panels, which I enjoyed. In one of the “American Experience” of food, I asked what it takes to become a “travel foodie.” Apparently it requires no talent.

All this has helped me launch the PLATE OF FOOD TRAVEL MUSEUM, which allows a space for travel relics (old photos, bad brochures, t-shirt designs) to live in tandem with plates of food. Simply put, the PLATE OF FOOD TRAVEL MUSEUM tries to put travel back into plates of food.

Note: This is not the long-delayed first episode of my new show Right Pants, though you’ll see in the video that it is “powered” by Right Pants.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.37.18 AM


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Robert Reid is a travel writer (Lonely Planet, New York Times, ESPN), travel expert (Today Show, CNN's Headline News), travel videographer (76-Second Travel Show) and travel artist (don't ask).
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