76-Second Travel Show: ‘Who Is Dean Reed?’

Dean Reed, who died 25 years ago today in East Berlin, is my vote for one of the most fascinating people of all time. He outran a mule, picked up a random hitch-hiker with a Capitol Records contact that led to his recording contract, got huge in Uruguay, had dinner dates with Che Guevara, was the first rock star to appear in the … Continue reading

47 or so Dumb Things I’ve Done Traveling

Twenty years ago, I was a quarter way through my first Eurail check-the-country-off-the-list trip across Europe — London to Rome in 20 days. I don’t regret it, but sometimes I think twice about how I spent that July 14 — the 200th anniversary of Paris’ Bastille Day. I was time-killing a day a few hours north in Bruges, leisurely walking by canals, sitting … Continue reading