76-Second Travel Show: “Travel Magazine Olympics (Oct/Nov)”

Episode #006 F E A T U R I N G * 44 * B O N U S * S E C O N D S We understand the time constraints on your life. We understand, too, you like to dream. That’s why SSTS has poured through five travel magazines for the October/November 2009 period and picked out the three best contributions … Read on

On CNN International

‘UNUSUAL’ IS THE NEW USUALSomething unusual happened to me last week. I got invited onto CNN International’s morning broadcast with Anjali Rao to talk about ‘unusual travel.’ That meant make-up, sitting with other guests in a compact ‘green room’ and talking with one’s fiancee (a Hawaiian living in Las Vegas) before staring into a blank monitor and talking about life in the world’s … Read on

Six Great European Discoveries

Part of what makes travel so rewarding is finding things on the ground don’t exactly fly with outside perceptions. Be it lessons learned from buttoned-up French professionals stopping to help me and my floppy haircut fumble with a pay phone, or frowning Russians accepting me as family just because we booked the same train compartment. Here’s my favorite European finds while traveling around … Read on

47 or so Dumb Things I’ve Done Traveling

Twenty years ago, I was a quarter way through my first Eurail check-the-country-off-the-list trip across Europe — London to Rome in 20 days. I don’t regret it, but sometimes I think twice about how I spent that July 14 — the 200th anniversary of Paris’ Bastille Day. I was time-killing a day a few hours north in Bruges, leisurely walking by canals, sitting … Read on