Right Pants: My new travel show trailer

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Welcome to the Right Pants, a new travel show dedicated to illustrate how to enjoy the world through some deceptively progressive techniques. Over the coming months, I’ll share insights on all sides of travel. From things like how to properly remember a trip to how to deal with travel lies and Walt Whitman hangovers. The first issue should be ready in a week.

The #10minpanel is here

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I like being asked to chip in at conferences or TV or radio shows. It’s flattering. But lately I’ve been wondering if it’s really necessary to cross the globe, talk with sponsors, rub shoulders with writers you like (or hide from those you’d rather not talk with). So I started doing my own occasional #panel discussions on Twitter. It’s been fairly off the … Read on

Gettysburg is 150


On no levels is Gettysburg, which is commemorating its 150th anniversary, just a battlefield. The site in south-central Pennsylvania, run by the national park service, carries a big wallop even for those who find the History Channel a bore. A few years ago I went to find out how re-enactors decide who “dies” first during mock battles. To be honest, learned next to … Read on