How to make a travel video


Everyone wants online travel video, but few know how to make it. Those in the film/TV crowd frequently tout there’s only one way, which can seem like building up 60-second online piece with the same costly, back-scenes architecture of a Hollywood epic. But this is dated thinking. While the DIY video world can ruffle the feathers of industry TV/film types — much like … Read on

Las Vegas Secret: Valley of Fire


“Hate” is too strong a word, so I’ll just say I’ll never invite Las Vegas to my pizza party. (Though I once tried to turn “Sin City” into ScIeNce City.”) That said, because the fact that such a booming bizarro of a city could exist in a Mars-like setting, I don’t mind going there. As long as I can leave. My favorite daytrip … Read on

Woody Guthrie’s got a home in Tulsa


 Everyone knows who Woody Guthrie was, right? Folk singer who sang about the Dust Bowl, the Columbia River and killing fascists? He grew up in Oklahoma, but the author of “This Land is Your Land” was the eternal rambler — and not just because he wrote “I Ain’t Got No Home In this Home Anymore”. But now he has a permanent home, in … Read on

NYC Secret: Where “On the Road” Ends


Jack Kerouac’s On the Road ends, rather sadly, as Sal/Jack looks over the Hudson River in Chelsea and thinks of Dean/Neal heading west. He writes: So in America when the sun goes down and I sit on the old brokendown river pier watching the long, long skies over New Jersey and sense all that raw land that rolls in one unblievable huge bulge … Read on