Travel Jail


Travel’s great. But not everything that happens in travel is worth an “ooh-ahh” or a pat on the back. This space is for VIOLATORS in our collective progress in striving to enjoy the world. And so, here’s a… Meet-and-greet with the TRAVEL JAIL INMATES!* —————————————————————————————————- Fudge It’s time for us to get over this whole “tourist/traveler” debate. Instead let’s just draw a simple … Read on

Robert Louis Stevenson Trail, France


I wrote a story about the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail in southwestern France for Perceptive Travel. It’s called “How to Accept Your Donkey,” and not exactly a “footsteps” article, as I regularly had to remind myself to follow Stevenson as I went, break to talk about “donkey people,” then gradually learned to ignore Stevenson completely. But it was a great trip. I had … Read on

Top 7 unimportant, yet interesting, things about JFK’s shooting that no one tells you


I recently went to Dallas. (There, I said it.) And I spent a day and a half seeing some JFK-related sites I’d never seen in 20-some visits there in my life. The Sixth Floor Museum, at the site of the infamous Book Depository, is one of the all-time most moving and fascinating museums I’ve been to, and Oswald’s last home, or one of … Read on

Travel content isn’t king, it’s clerk


Right Pants #006: Video report from the Grassy Knoll The problem I have with that word “content” — whatever that is — can’t be blamed on a dictionary. Because “content” isn’t there, yet. Not the web-version of content anyway. (Look it up, then see 40 tries a blog made to sum it up.) This is the same “content” famously called “king” back in … Read on

Thomas Dolby’s biggest fan


In 1993, I sent Thomas Dolby a prank fax. The timing was too tempting. Thomas Dalby, aka Chip, was working at the Guggenheim Soho in NYC and Dolby was some sort of “artist-in-residence” for a few days, occupying a nearby cubicle. So I faxed some over-the-top adoration, delivered by Thomas Dalby to Thomas Dolby. Should have been on “Punked.” Last night I saw … Read on