Who’s your dream travel companion?

I got asked this little chestnut recently: who would you travel with, past or present, given the choice. I thought back to the past — I once answered this with Crazy Horse — but decided pretty much all historical figures smelled bad. So the choice was easy, as I wrote for BBC.com/travel: Urban Meyer, the new Ohio State football coach. Here’s why: I’ve … Read on

Valentine, Nebraska Day

What are residents of Valentine, Nebraska called? Valentines? I hope so. Eleven years ago I was there in Valentine — amidst a six-week Great Plains roadtrip. I really enjoyed much of western Nebraska. A look at Fort Robinson, where Crazy Horse was betrayed (you can stay in the barracks if you want). A solitary walk through the open plains panhandle’s Toadstool Geologic State … Read on

Best Canadian City: my awards

Quick! What’s the best Canadian city? The subject has led to a lively discussion on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, something so prickly that Toronto-based author Andrew Potter suggested could actually bring about a civil war. Most people equate Canada with its natural beauty, or hockey, or Mounties, or beaver nickels. Last year I visited Canada six times, mostly to focus on Canadian cities … Read on